Ice cream shop furniture: good resolutions for 2020

Between a cup of vegan ice cream and a unicorn-flavored cone, we have reached the end of 2019. How has the artisanal ice cream sector in Italy been in these twelve months?

In 2018 the sector had reached 2.7 billion euros. In a survey conducted among members of the CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises) the sector in 2019 could invoice up to 3 billion in total.
The entire agro-food chain will benefit from this increase, from milk to sugar to fresh fruit thanks to the demand for increasingly refined and quality flavors such as Bronte pistachio and hazelnuts from Piedmont, Lazio and Campania, Sicilian almonds and lemons from the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts.

According to another survey of June 2019 by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Brianza, there are 19,000 ice cream parlors in Italy. The city with the most ice cream parlors is Rome, followed by Naples, Turin, Milan, Salerno, Bari, Palermo, Brescia, Venice. Comparing the data of the ice cream parlors with the number of residents, it can be seen that there is a greater consumption of ice cream by tourists rather than by local consumers (except for Turin and Brescia), with a demand for “emotional” consumption.
For ice cream, the trends of this 2019 have paid particular attention to health and well-being, with the origin of the raw materials and the search for taste as the main marketing levers.

For inspiration on tastes and processes, look forward to the first appointments of the new year with trade fairs and sector events, such as Sigep in Rimini from 18 to 22 January 2020.
What could be the good resolutions for the new year for the decor of your ice cream shop?

1) Give greater prominence to tastes

Ice cream is the absolute protagonist of your business.
Behind the display of taste in the window there is all the care in the choice of ingredients, the processing made of studies and experience, the creativity of proposing new and delicious combinations.
This is why the flavors of your gelato shop deserve the right prominence.

For 2020, you could give your tastes more attention by choosing windows that illuminate your products, enhance their importance, enliven their colour, enhance their flavour. The goal is to highlight them to convey to the customer with a single glance the desire to touch them, taste them and savor them intensely. Ice cream is your work of art, so it must be displayed in a showcase that integrates perfectly with the furniture of the ice cream parlor to offer customers an emotional journey that will lead them to order their cone or cup.

2) Find or improve your own

For some, 2020 will lead to the opening of their first artisanal gelato shop. For others who have already been working in the sector for years, it could be the year of renewal to relaunch their business. In both cases, a good intention is to find a style and a personality for your gelato shop, to become memorable and recognizable by customers and on the market.

The style is declined both in the offer of ice creams and products and in the furnishings. There are many styles to choose from: vintage, shabby, boho, modern, industrial. The important thing is to identify a style that represents the owner of the ice cream parlor and his business, and then personalize it </ strong> with the choice of materials, furniture and details.
Finding your own style and making your own ice cream parlor unique allows you to create that experience for the customer which, from entering the shop to consuming the ice cream, will lead him to live
memorable moments. This satisfaction will lead him to come back and tell his experience to relatives and friends.

3) Be inspired by the masters

The Maestri ice cream makers and pastry chefs can inspire both for the creativity of their ice creams and desserts and for the approach to the furnishing style of their premises.
For the new year, therefore, one could peek into their ice cream parlors and pastry shops to get some insights.

Maestro Iginio Massari, for example, opened the second branch of his pastry shop in the spring of 2018, to be precise in Milan in the premises of Banca Intesa San Paolo.
A sophisticated and welcoming environment has been created in the pastry shop that expresses the flavors and colors of the Master’s great experience in a contemporary key.

The ultimate goal was to create an art gallery of taste, in which the refined aesthetic taste would draw the attention and care of the raw materials in Massari’s kitchen: the choice therefore fell on precious materials and an innovative showcase and functional.

4) Give more importance to the details

When you make homemade ice cream, it’s often that extra bit of ingredient in the recipe that makes it delicious and irresistible. An extra gram of sugar, an addition of milk
at the end, a sprinkling of a spice. Magic comes from small gestures.

The same goes for furnishings: it’s the details that make the difference. When furnishing an ice cream shop, the choice of lighting of the windows, the finishes of the furniture, the
color combinations, accessories. It’s the little touches of style that make the furniture and therefore the ice cream parlor truly unique and memorable. For this reason, for 2020 we could strive to give more importance to details, with the same care and diligence with which we choose the best materials
raw materials and ingredients to create the flavors of your own ice creams.

5) Don’t make any more compromises between functionality and design

When choosing the furniture for your restaurant, do you think you are at a crossroads: functionality or design?
Aesthetics and comfort seem to be two opposite parameters to choose from when identifying furniture, display cases and furnishing accessories for your ice cream shop.

In reality, there is no need to compromise between functionality and design, and this should be one of the warnings for 2020.
The windows FB Showcases manage to combine an exclusive design
with cutting-edge technological solutions.
Class and elegance are expressed in the lines of the showcases of the eleven collections, which ensure high performance and efficiency for those who work in ice cream parlors without having to make compromises or sacrifices.

Have you chosen your good resolutions for 2020?
We wish you to realize them, for a happy new year.

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