FB Showcases - Gusti Gelati 2021

New trends and great classics: ice cream flavors in 2021

Under the sign of sustainability, the 2021 summer season starts, between tradition and new journeys in gluttony.

Summer 2021.The journey of gluttony starts again with the first warm weather, and the master artisans of the art of Italian Gelato unleash their inventiveness, creating and recreating.

Competitiveness, essential in such a vast world, is a further stimulus to research, and the observatory of HostMilano, the professional hospitality exhibition of the Fiera di Milano (which this year will be held from 22 to 26 October), in his annual report on ice cream and ice cream parlors, he demonstrated how healthy competition leads to innovative and… largely greedy results!

In fact, HostMilano has identified 5 new artisan gelato trends for 2021.

FB Showcases - Gusti Gelati 2021

Summer ice cream trends.

First of all let’s talk about the Free Form, in which milk, which is a traditional ingredient of ice cream in general, is replaced by drinks based on coconut, oats and almonds . A more full-bodied taste, a gamble against tradition. Aren’t you curious to taste the result?

Ah la barrique is a decidedly avant-garde and bold trend, where the ice cream flavors are made with products related to the world of wine and cheese and which, in the Limited Edition line , will offer daring tastes and combinations. Definitely departing from the traditional way of understanding ice cream!

Love is in the air, they said. And, to paraphrase a well-known TV personality, Dr. House, “they say love is essential, but air is definitely more so”. So why not replace water with air when making ice cream? Decidedly ethereal ice creams will be the result of this innovative preparation, thanks to the air injected or whipped directly onto the product. Giving them a soft and delicate texture and offering an incredible sight to the eyes.

Green and supportive instead rides on the needs of our world, with a tendency towards healthy ecology and sustainability and ethical production, in raw materials and packaging. Because you can’t sacrifice our land in the name of gluttony, and you don’t even need to choose which of the two to give up.

FB Showcases - Gusti Gelati 2021

The new flavors of 2021

As for the new flavours, i.e. the gems with which the artisans will delight the palate, forecasts give the majority of those based on superfoods renewed from fermented and probiotics, with original touches such as drops of mint, vanilla, oats, honey and lavender and roasted banana, but also those derived from nature will have their place, and we can already taste the varieties with carrot, rhubarb and various types of honey, assisted by beeswax with instead of thickener and propolis for the purpose of natural antibiotic.

Not to be underestimated, then, the sweet-savory combinations.

We at FB Showcases, however, look forward to hosting these tastes in our showcases, where they will find the ideal environment and best technology to enhance the taste.