FB Showcases

Ice cream & pastry showcases

Our products are designed to meet any need, whether you need ice cream or pastry showcases or whether you are looking for products flexibility ensuring high-quality perfomances which can be adapted to warm and cold temperatures.

Our showcases ensure high performances without compromises. Modularity and flexibility make FB the ideal partner for those willing to best showcase their products while enhancing the value of the premise with an outstanding showcase. Our products are unique and boast multiple features: our range varies from the traditional showcase to brand-new hybrid systems where both warm and cold products are served.

The style of our creations can be recognized and they are the result of the partnership with the sector’s experts and most of all with our clients. During the years our FB showcases have become the symbol of beauty and functionality since our products merge both the technical and design department and the production process together.

Our FB showcases reflect a one-of-a-kind style enhancing the beauty of each premise. Thanks to our brand-new refrigeration techniques and lighting systems, our FB showcases enable you to preserve your creations and showcase them as if they were pieces of art.

You can choose among the elegant and compact Cherie, the modern lines of Deeva, passing to the sinous curved shapes of Lumina till the versatility of Cosmo.
As you can see, you have plenty to choose from!