Ice cream according to Giuffrè

Not only ice cream but tradition, innovation and many emotions that can be hidden behind the processing of a product that is a symbol of Italian gastronomic excellence, well represented, also, by professionals capable of combining experience, familiarity and craftsmanship, creating the perfect mix as Alessandro explains Giuffrè, a Roman with Sicilian origins, owner of the homonymous brand present in Rome.
Alessandro Giuffrè of the art of knowing how to make ice cream has made a lifestyle made up of simple but, at the same time, refined elements to create that particular atmosphere that he also wanted to bring back to his shop.
Looking to the Italian territory, enhancing the flavors of a rich and varied country just like the flavors of ice cream that customers can find in ice cream shops. This, Alessandro tells us, is his goal and so, together with him, we try to better understand the work that develops behind the design of the business and of a recently renovated shop in which nothing has been left to chance.

The experience of savoring excellent quality artisan gelato begins the moment you enter the gelateria.
How important is it to design the ideal space and what characteristics should it have?

Today ice cream parlors need large rooms capable of giving the customer a particular experience that is not only linked to taste but also visual, for example. A complete sensory experience at 360 degrees.
For this reason the furniture chosen is minimal, clean, tidy.
The raw material must be and remain the protagonist, which is valued while remaining at the center of attention.
The spaces must be welcoming, furnished with elements built with natural materials, with the aim of once again bringing back to the customer the sensation of attention, care and craftsmanship which are, undoubtedly, elements also present in the preparation of the proposed product.
Being supported, then, by the Clabo group with its experience and professionalism was important and fundamental to obtain the result we aspired to.

Technology and craftsmanship, a distant union only in appearance.
What unites the best furnishing structures and product maintenance with the manual processing technique typical of this activity?

The ice cream masters teach us the importance of values.
Short supply chain products and the search for the best raw materials, for example, must not and cannot go against the most modern final processing techniques which are necessary to have an even tastier and higher quality product.
In our case, technology helps by becoming an indispensable ally.
For example, the innovative cooling technique that characterizes the showcases or the pozzetti allows us to keep all the characteristics of the ice cream unaltered, guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Custom design. How was the preparatory work organized from the ordering phase to the final set-up?
The idea comes from personal and life experience, followed by the emotions you want to share with customers.
Being able to collaborate with qualified, prepared and specialized professionals is the secret.
In our case, the Clabo company was invaluable by helping us select the best solutions from a structural point of view, coordinating optimally, during the design phase, with the presence of an architect.

What feeling or message did you want to convey thinking about the end customer?
Familiarity. That sense of welcome that you find when you have the people with whom you have the pleasure of sharing the best moments next to you.
This is important to us. Knowing that, in our ice cream shop, you can have moments of serenity and harmony. Obviously tasty.

No longer simple ice cream but, today, much more to meet the careful and sophisticated needs of customers. What are the main trends for the sector?
Trends are diversified also in reference to our territory and our country which has made variety its main characteristic.
Thinking of Rome, the trend is to look for an artisan figure revisited in a modern key and this is why we must be able to guarantee a product with careful selection and labeling, a recipe that speaks of short-chain ingredients, a comfortable environment adequate communication.
The value of simplicity becomes essential for living a unique experience.
In our case, the presence of an excellent pastry shop that is usually more combined with the cafeteria. A different and particular but equally refined choice that we want to offer to our customers.
Dry but also fresh products to experience a moment that can be truly special and unique.

A world, that of ice cream, which can reserve truly great surprises. Surprises made of ingredients of a different nature but skilfully combined, dosed and calibrated to create the recipe that everyone would like to have but only a few can keep.


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