FB presents the new showcase Amazing

Amazing, the name of the new FB showcase, is already a marker of what is the scope of this display cabinet. Amazing is amazing because it renews the concept of refrigeration showcase, positioning itself as a hybrid between a classic refrigerated display counter and a vertical refrigerated display thanks to its 5 exhibitors plans, while maintaining a compact and attractive styling.

FB does not leave anything to casualty, for all those who need to expose different products, such as pastry and ice cream in the same style solution, Amazing is provided with a connecting element for composing the showcase in a versatile way. The other element can be exploited as a support surface. It connects and furnishes, offering a nice view even from the interior side of the window.

The showcase is striking for its squared shapes that recall the shape of diamonds. Indeed FB Amazing is a furnishing jewel, a must-have design object to emphasize the style and elegance of your bar. The hidden pillars of the showcase is another innovation designed to set the user free from unnecessary bulk views.

FB listens to the latest market trends. The look like diamond traces the most representative forms of design nowaday: hidden uprights set the view free towards the inside of the cabinet, from any point of view.

Amazing is present in three different models: 5T + 3T + / V70 and BT. There are many finishes for back and front panels of the showcase.

Do you want to find out more? Discover this stunning showcase here: Amazing!