Convey emotions
with artworks

FB is the reference point in the refrigeration industry for professionals in of the world of dessert.
Always it provides advanced technological solutions and an exclusive design for the realization of the world’s best pastry shops and ice cream parlours.

Constant striving for innovation and craftsmanship which blend for creating unique products: this is the secret of the success of FB showcases.
Not only furnishing objects, but design that seduces with class, elegance and luxury.


FB born at Capezzano Pianore (Lucca, Tuscany)

Futura is the first ice cream showcase in this project of mass-production, ratified the companies entrance among the main players in the Italian market.

The true turning point came with Sintesi, which introduced the subzero double ventilated refrigeration.

The innovative vocation of FB is confirmed with Vision and the introduction of double exposure.


FB joined Clabo Group.

The highest expression of elegance in a showcase with double exposure is reached with Sofia.

The restyling of the FB’s symbol showcase leads to the creation of Sintesi II Atto.


The years of Virna, the showcase that combines efficiency and the FB style of contemporary and minimalist trends.


FB combines design, transparency and technological excellence in a stunning showcase, Amazing.


Years of experience

in 56

Countries in the world


Investment in innovation